UF Episode 07: What’s A Guinea Fowl?

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In this episode, we share this week’s “first”, which is that our Guinea Fowl arrived! All 20 of them came via USPS, and gave the entire post office quite an active morning! We answer some Q&A’s and Sean shares what God is teaching him through the process of soil preparation – it may be late in the evening, but we go deep and really examine how patience and laying a good foundation is essential to both farming, growing, and our own spiritual life. It’s a great episode (we think, at least!) Have a listen!


Neat things we mention in this episode:

*How To Grow More Vegetables

*The Urban Farmette on IG

UF Episode 06: Stop It, Chicken!

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*Shout-out to anyone who knows the reference of our post title!*

We’ve been in Virginia for a little over three weeks and are LOVING it here! We can’t believe that it’s gone by so quickly – in some ways we feel like we’ve been here forever, and in other ways, we feel like we just landed.

In Episode 6 we discuss, of course, some “farm firsts”, including our new chicks (!!!), dealing with the Southern heat, our first house guest, and rolling to Costco in filthy work clothes. We share some new projects we are working on and also answer a question from a listener in our “Q&A” segment. It’s been a fun week at the farm and we are happy you are following along!

Neat things we mention in this episode:

*Fresh Eggs Daily by Lisa Steele

*The Backyard Homestead edited by Carleen Madigan

*The Urban Farmette on Instagram




UF Episode 03: Farewell Long Beach

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In our third episode, we keep it short – a mini episode, if you will – because it’s our last night in our SoCal house! We are packing up the following morning and we share a few thoughts/emotions we are going through, how we are processing, and our gratefulness for friends and loved ones. It’s short but sweet – the last time we will be outside, in the garage, talking into microphones.

On this episode we don’t have our weekly “What embarrassing thing did you not know about a farm?!” segment BUT….the next time you hear from us, we will be on our farm in Virginia and there will be PLENTY of material, trust us.

(and if you have any questions or suggestions for future episodes, comment!)


Neat things we forgot to mention on the show (because it’s our last night in our house and we are tired/stressed) Sorry! :


*The Urban Farmette’s Instagram account is HERE.