UF Episode 14: What a difference a year (or two months) makes….

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Well, well, well….look what the cat dragged in….

We’ve been away for a few months, but for good reason. We have had some pretty big events happen around here and in our personal lives. Normal life occurrences and some pretty wonderful things as well. We share what has been going on, and how the Lord is shaping us through it all. One thing that never changes or shifts is the Lord’s faithfulness to us and our family.

Thanks so much for being faithful listeners and we hope to be more consistent in our recording as time moves forward!


UF Episode 13: Reality Check

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In this episode, we discuss some thoughts both Sean and I have been wrestling with lately – the reality of living on a farm is settling in (along with US settling in to our new life) and it’s a really good & difficult transition. We hope that a glimpse into our process helps anyone that might be dealing with the same issues.

We also share some “farm firsts”: New puppies! Losing said puppies! Making chicken nesting boxes!

And, of course, we answer some of our awesome listener questions: Is it so hard being away from friends and family? How do we keep weeds out of our vegetable beds? Did we think of moving to other states? What the heck did you do with guinea fowls on the roof?

Subscribe, listen, leave a review and share your experience with us – we always love hearing from you!

UF Episode 12: Q&A From the Farm

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In this episode we catch you up on the last few weeks (sorry for the delay in episodes!) and try to answer some questions we have received from you!

We touch on the balancing act of parenting-homeschooling-farming, what it is like looking for a new church, how we found our Virginia realtors and if our girls are robots when it comes to farm death (ha!)

It’s a fun episode and we look forward to our next one (which will hopefully be released in a timely manner!)

UF Episode 11: Reality, Firsts, Fails, and Growth

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In this episode we begin by apologize whole-heartedly for our two week sabbatical from recording – we’ve had a lot going on around the farm, and it’s been next to impossible to find a spare moment to dig out the microphones and put out a new episode!

But we are back and sharing what is happening around these parts…

We talk about the reality of farm life – sickness, work loads, homeschooling, and visitors. Sharing how some amazing things have happened (two sets of visitors in a week was awesome!!) and how we celebrated Sean’s 40th birthday.

We also touch on farm firsts (repairing a mower tire!) and farm fails (dead guinea fowl)…..and give a glimpse into some really wonderful growth we are seeing in our children, since moving.

It was a fun episode of catching up and sharing the real and good parts about life.


UF Episode 10: Purposefully Killing Wasps

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In this episode, we cover all the normal “happenings” around the farm – some “farm firsts” like cutting our first beds for our eventual vegetable/fruit/flower garden & mapping out our fruit orchard. Rachel makes bone broth, and we chat about those darn guinea fowl!

We also take some time and discuss the intersection of our plans/goals/dreams and God’s bigger picture. How do those two things collide and how do we dream big while making sure the Lord is in control and leading us? And what does all this have to do with killing wasps?!! Have a listen and find out!

Neat things we mention in this show:

*How To Grow More Vegetables // 9th Edition

*Ox-Cart Man // (Not mentioned but a wonderful book for children, to introduce them to seasons, the farm and the idea of sustainability)

UF Episode 09: Good Enough Is Perfect

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In episode 9 we cover a lot of ground. We share some “farm firsts,” including our first vegetables (!!!!!) which was very exciting and a few embarrassing moments (but one that we can certainly learn from!)

We nosedive into this week’s topic which all centers on the idea of “failure” and how that can really paralyze us from trying new things and learning. We try and share encouragement for those of us who struggle to start something if we can’t perfect it – accepting that “good enough” sometimes is very perfect!

We added a new segment to the show called, “Up Next On the Farm” and we share a potential new farm member: a pot belly pig!

Neat things we mention on the show:

*You Can Farm by Joel Salatin

*Folks, This Aint Normal by Joel Salatin

UF Episode 08: Why Virginia?

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In this episode we talk about some difficult “firsts” that we encountered this week. The passing of our beloved family dog, “Molly”, our first tick bite (YIKES!) and Sean’s new zero-turn mower! It was a big week for us in the “firsts” category, but we learned a lot.

We also tackle the commonly asked question, “Why Virginia?!” and share some personal thoughts on why we made the move from city to country. It’s a big topic, but we tried to be transparent about our motivation behind this huge leap and encourage other people who are evaluating their environment and possibly seeking God’s wisdom toward a new direction.

UF Episode 07: What’s A Guinea Fowl?

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In this episode, we share this week’s “first”, which is that our Guinea Fowl arrived! All 20 of them came via USPS, and gave the entire post office quite an active morning! We answer some Q&A’s and Sean shares what God is teaching him through the process of soil preparation – it may be late in the evening, but we go deep and really examine how patience and laying a good foundation is essential to both farming, growing, and our own spiritual life. It’s a great episode (we think, at least!) Have a listen!


Neat things we mention in this episode:

*How To Grow More Vegetables

*The Urban Farmette on IG