Books for children – Creation, rolling hills, and nature!

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There is so much beautiful literature at our fingertips! Just think about how difficult it was for people to get their hands on good books, even just 60 years ago. Now, with the invention of the internet and audiobooks, the library system, and at-home delivery…you can give your children the WORLD!

When moving to a farm (and even when we were living in the city) I loved to expose my girls to a life outside of concrete and industrial neighborhoods. It was important that our home library was filled with books describing animals, insects, rolling hills, pastures & countryside farms.

I’ve put together two small collections for you to preview. The first are picture books, geared towards younger children (say 3-8), but my oldest daughter (soon to be 11) still enjoys sitting and listening as I read them aloud. Each is precious, my favorites being “Ox-Cart Man”, and “The Farm Book.”

The second collection is for more advanced readers (ages 8 and beyond), exposing themselves not just to “farm life” but life in the great outdoors. The idea that all of life doesn’t occur inside a city block is new to so many kids that live in the city – it’s a gift to expose them to nature, trials of farm/rural living and the abundance of God’s creation.

I’ve provided links to each of the books pictured, if you would like to purchase them from Amazon, but many could also be found at your local used book shoppe!

I hope you enjoy each of these lovely books. I know your sweet kiddos will!

Picture Books:

Go To Sleep, Little Farm

On The Farm

The Animals of Farmer Jones

The Farm Book

Farmer Palmer’s Wagon Ride

Ox-Cart Man

The Year At Maple Hill Farm

Little Farmer

The Huckabuck Family

Older Readers:

Farmer Boy (not photographed)

My Side of the Mountain

Where the Red Fern Grows

Caddie Woodlawn

Miracles on Maple Hill

Buster Bear

Farm Anatomy

Rebecca of Sunny-Brook Farm

There are literally HUNDREDS of titles I could share – so many beautiful books available that have amazing nature themes + farm references or settings. This is simply a beginning if you are looking to start sharing the delight of country life to your kiddos!

Enjoy (and share any of your favorites in the comments!)

UF Episode 03: Farewell Long Beach

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In our third episode, we keep it short – a mini episode, if you will – because it’s our last night in our SoCal house! We are packing up the following morning and we share a few thoughts/emotions we are going through, how we are processing, and our gratefulness for friends and loved ones. It’s short but sweet – the last time we will be outside, in the garage, talking into microphones.

On this episode we don’t have our weekly “What embarrassing thing did you not know about a farm?!” segment BUT….the next time you hear from us, we will be on our farm in Virginia and there will be PLENTY of material, trust us.

(and if you have any questions or suggestions for future episodes, comment!)


Neat things we forgot to mention on the show (because it’s our last night in our house and we are tired/stressed) Sorry! :


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