UF Episode 11: Reality, Firsts, Fails, and Growth

In this episode we begin by apologize whole-heartedly for our two week sabbatical from recording – we’ve had a lot going on around the farm, and it’s been next to impossible to find a spare moment to dig out the microphones and put out a new episode!

But we are back and sharing what is happening around these parts…

We talk about the reality of farm life – sickness, work loads, homeschooling, and visitors. Sharing how some amazing things have happened (two sets of visitors in a week was awesome!!) and how we celebrated Sean’s 40th birthday.

We also touch on farm firsts (repairing a mower tire!) and farm fails (dead guinea fowl)…..and give a glimpse into some really wonderful growth we are seeing in our children, since moving.

It was a fun episode of catching up and sharing the real and good parts about life.


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