UF Episode 07: What’s A Guinea Fowl?

In this episode, we share this week’s “first”, which is that our Guinea Fowl arrived! All 20 of them came via USPS, and gave the entire post office quite an active morning! We answer some Q&A’s and Sean shares what God is teaching him through the process of soil preparation – it may be late in the evening, but we go deep and really examine how patience and laying a good foundation is essential to both farming, growing, and our own spiritual life. It’s a great episode (we think, at least!) Have a listen!


Neat things we mention in this episode:

*How To Grow More Vegetables

*The Urban Farmette on IG

One thought on “UF Episode 07: What’s A Guinea Fowl?

  1. Please think long and hard. If you get a cow you are completely tied down. You have to be home in the morning and in the evening. My grandfather had a farm and I spent all my vacations on a farm. Lots of work.

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