UF Episode 05: Don’t Count Your Chickens…


In our fifth episode we were supposed to talk about our new chickens but……

They didn’t arrive on time *sad trombone*. This event actually made for a perfect road into the topic we ended up speaking about: PATIENCE! Both Sean and myself are learning that patience is cultivated on the farm – in so many ways – and it’s been a great lesson for us. We share about small projects we are picking up around the homestead & how that is forcing us to look at the long game, slow down, and think about our purpose.

We also talk about a few new “firsts” we experienced and some resources that have helped us at this beginning of this journey. And! We added a new segment where we answer some of the many questions we get, from listeners. If you have a question, send it to us via Instagram or comments and we will add it to the list and hopefully answer it on an upcoming episode!


Neat things we mention in this episode:

*Compact Farms by Josh Volk

*Barnheart by Jenna Wolginrich

*Vegetables Love Flowers by Lisa Zieglar (I made a mistake with her first name, in the episode – sorry!)

*The Urban Farmette IG account – so many fun updates and videos of our adventure, here.


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