UF Episode 04: We are Virginians!

In our forth episode, we are finally coming to you from our new (to us) Virginia farm!

In this episode we talk about what it was like to finally say goodbye, what the first week in our new house has been like and what things have caught us off guard. We share some exciting “firsts” that we have experienced and several things we are looking forward to. Yes, we are exhausted, but we are energized and excited for things to come. Join us, on the farm!

(and if you have any questions or suggestions for future episodes, comment!)


Neat things we mention on the show :


*Our family’s “Virginia” SPOTIFY soundtrack. These were some of the songs that remind us of driving the country roads, when we were shopping for a new home. Some picked by the kids, some picked by us…but we love them all.

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One thought on “UF Episode 04: We are Virginians!

  1. Cicadas!
    I love hearing about your experiences. If the farm didn’t come with a snow plow, you might want to get an add-on for your lawn mower. You won’t realize how long your driveway is until you have to shovel it. We had this discussion with our daughter yesterday.

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