UF Episode 02: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

On our second episode, we discuss the process of telling people you are moving, handling the goodbyes & all the emotions that accompany this huge transition. We talk about what we did well, what we would have done differently & several CAUTIONS we have for those dealing with a huge life change. We also touch on the process of breaking the news to your kiddos, and a few things to expect.

The lesson in this week’s episode? Give yourself GRACE!

As always, we have our weekly “What embarrassing thing did you not know about a farm?!” segment. This week we mention chicken sleeping habits and lettuce seeds (?!?!)

(and if you have any questions or suggestions for future episodes, comment!)


Neat things we mentioned on the show:


*The Urban Farmette’s Instagram account is HERE.

*The definition of a “farmette” found here

“A farmette is a small residential farm run by an owner who earns income from a source other than the farm. It is sometimes known as a yokelet or a farmlet. Farmette owners are typically city workers who want to own rural land without operating a full farm. A farmette often includes a large vegetable garden, the occasional barn, tractor, and even farm or domestic animals, such as goats and cats. Farmetters usually rely on their tractor to plow or snow blow their driveways during the winter. Farmettes are usually around 50 acres. They can have a small hog pen, a few chickens in a chicken coop or a kennel house for dogs.”

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